10 top Free Music Apps you should download


In case you are looking for the top free music applications that power good Functionalities, here is a list of the top 10 music apps that you can get online or even download from Google PlayStore. These music applications will aid you and improve the way you listen to your music. Well, you might have a music player, but it might not give you the things you want. If you use any of these apps, they will help your personal music life. These apps are capable of enhancing your music life. Besides that, you can also discover new artists, stream music, identify new songs, find cool radio stations around you, and a lot more. Let’s dive into the real matter here. Below are the top free music apps you should try today.

10 top Free Music Apps

1. Pandora Music App

The first on our list is Pandora. The app is a well-known music player app that has anything you want. Think about it; Pandora will offer everything you need. Pandora is one of the best applications for streaming music. You can also select your favorite artist and listen to their music.


Download Pandora Music App

2. Spotify

Spotify is a top-rated app on Play Store; Spotify allows you to follow artists and sync music. You can also create your own radio station on Spotify, allowing them to play suggested music based on what you like. You can follow any artist you love on Spotify; this will allow you to know exactly when their new releases are out.

Download Spotify Music App

3. Shazam

Shazam is an ancient Music application, and it is also one of the top free music apps right there. This awesome free music app listens to a song, and then it automatically tells you the artist singing; it also shows the lyrics of your songs.

Download Shazam Music App

4. iHeartRadio

This is an application you can get if you want a radio app on your smartphone. It locates nearby radio stations and allows you to listen to podcasts and build your own music stations. Using this app, you will be able to view lyrics as you listen.

Download iHeartRadio Music App

5. Slacker Radio

This free music application is a pre-programmed streaming station for every genre you can think of. It allows you to create new radio stations and playlists and be in touch with your favorite songs.

Download Slacker Radio Music App

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6. TuneIn

TuneIn is another cool app that you can tune in and listen to good music. TuneIn is one of the coolest free music apps out there. It’s more like a radio application that allows you to look for local radio stations nearby. The app works with smart TVs like Alexa, Amazon, Google Home devices, e.t.c.

Download TuneIn Music App

7. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a great and popular music application that entails tons of audio in it. Other music lovers upload these audios. You will be able to listen to homemade music from new and old artists. You can easily look for music and artists and follow other music lovers to be in touch with new songs.


Download SoundCloud Music App

8. Google Play Music

Google Play Music needs no introduction; on Google play the music, you will be able to listen to your own music library, and the app is free from unnecessary ads. You can upload up to 50,000 songs to your Google account and then automatically access them anytime.

Download Google Play Music App

9. Musi

This cool application is straightforward to use and comprehend. You can bring in videos from SoundCloud and YouTube to your own playlists. However, this app works with iOS and Android devices; you can find music or browse through the trending songs section.

Download Musi Music App

10. 8tracks

The app allows you to listen to your music without pop-ups through mixes that entail eight tracks. You can also surf through staff-picked mixes, popular, featured, and trending ones. It can be used in macOS, Windows, and any mobile browser.

Download 8Tracks Music App


These are the top free music applications you can enjoy right now. Kindly inform us in the comment section if you have tried any of the apps or have a better Music App.

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