10 smartphones with High Screen to Body Ratio in 2021


The war is on regarding high screen to body ratio in smartphones. I was amazed by the claim of one mobile phone manufacturer that I won’t mention so as not to increase the shame of the brand in case the team is unable to fulfill its promise regarding releasing a smartphone that will be 99 percent screen to body ratio. Anyway, there are some very high screen to body ratio smartphones that we’ll show you below.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G

This is the first on the list and we can see that the bezels were further reduced from that of Mix 2 to achieve a screen to body ratio of 93.4 percent at the display. Right now, this is one of the highest in the industry. Read more about this smartphone here.


Oppo joins the list with the smartphone that the company released as a 5G mobile device. The dynamic AMOLED display screen is seen having screen to body ratio of 93.1 percent which is also an industry standard. Click here to get more information about the phone.

Vivo Z5

The manufacturer of the Vivo Z5 said the smartphone offers 90 percent screen to body ratio. Not bad for a devices that has Always-on Display and DC dimming. The 6GB RAM signifies ample space. Of course, you can see more about that phone here.

Honor Play 3

This Play 3 smartphone has been referred to by some as an entry-level smartphone; something that I disagree with. Anyway, the mobile device also comes around with 90 percent screen to body ratio. Find out more about Play 3.


The Blade A7 is also a 2019 smartphone that comes with 89 percent screen to body ratio. Also, the display features offers protection of 2.5D curved screen, waterdrop notch but if you want to see more about this phone, click here.

This is one of the phones that sets the pace for 5G in 2021. Apart from the 88.3 percent screen to body ratio, this smartphone also possesses aspet ratio of 19.5:9. It is important to read more about the smartphone here.

This phone also sets the pace for 5G phones in 2021. As usual, it comes with AMOLED capacitive touch screen of 7.3 inches. That makes it probably, the biggest smartphone till now. It comes with 85.7 percent screen to body ratio.


This one too signals important features such as AMOLED which is known to be a luxury associated with top smartphone manufacturers. As nice as the display is, we can see that the phone has 85.14 percent screen to body ratio. For further info on Realme X, click here.


ZTE nubia Z20

The addition of this phone shows that the smartphone market is having stiff competition already. The Z20 comes with 84.65 percent screen to body ratio, while it comes with aspect ratio of 19.5:9.

So good to note that iPhone XS Max comes out as well in this. It is actually one of the first smartphones that promoted near bezelless screens with 85 percent screen to body ratio. The phone arrived with many special features that you can find online.


As you can see, I have been careful to pick one phone from one brand each so as not to make it like I prefer some brands to others. If you find other brands that apply or even those that are higher please leave a comment below. Thank you.

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