10 Best Website To Learn Photoshop For Free in 2022


Are you a photographer, a photographic enthusiastic, an upcoming professional photographer, or just a social media influencer? If you are any of these, you must surely be familiar with Photoshop. Well, Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing software around the world. it’s widely used by the photographer in editing pictures, images, infographics, logos, etc. The software does its job so well that it can transform a bad image into something beautiful and attractive.

Unfortunately, the software is not that easy to use since it’s loaded with many tools that if you are not careful it may take you a whole day just to change an image background. This is why many people out there are looking for the best tutorial on YouTube to learn Photoshop. YouTube is one of the best sites where you can master Photoshop, but there are still other websites too where you can learn it. In this post, we will be listing the best website where you can learn Photoshop.

Learn Photoshop
Learn Photoshop

1. Lynda


Lynda is an online company that focuses on teaching people how to master many skills. The website has unique Photoshop tutorials that you can learn at your own pace. The website is well organized with a clean user interface and it’s also easy to navigate around it.

2. Tuts Plus

Tuts Plus is another great website with in-depth tutorials on Photoshop. The site has a special Photoshop subsection that contains over 2,500 Photoshop tutorials. Even those that already know how to use photoshoot can still visit the site to improve their skills.

3. Photoshop tutorials from Adobe

This website is the best site for learning Photoshop basics. If you are a beginner, you should visit the site as it will guide starting from the beginning to the end. Remember, this tutorial is coming directly from Adobe, so even if you are an expert, you can still discover new things on the site.

4. Photoshop Cafe

Photoshop Cafe is another good place where you can find the best Photoshop tutorials. The site provides users with excellent Photoshop tutorials regularly. The good news is that it’s easy to follow and they also share video tutorials as well.

5. Spoon Graphics

If you are a graphics designer and you want to be good in your field, then this site is your number one solution. The site will teach you how to edit photos, add effects and text to photos using Photoshop.


6. Phlearn

Phlearn is a website loaded with a wide range of video series to help you master Photoshop easily. It also has premium videos that teach more. However, you can still do a lot on the free video tutorials.

7. Photoshop Essentials

Photoshop Essentials is another great website for Photoshop beginners. The creator of the site has beginners in mind. It will show you how to retouch photos, add effects, and many more using Photoshop.

8. Sleek Lens

Sleek Lens is a blog that focuses on Photoshop tutorials. The blog share tips and tricks that can you help you around Photoshop. You will get all the Photoshop shortcut keys and many more. The good news is that all the tutorials on the site are free to access and it has a simple and clean user interface.


9. Photoshop Forums

This is a forum where you will meet Photoshop gurus who are willing to help you anytime. All you have to do is to visit and then register. You can follow different threads on the forum and can also create your own thread if you are having any difficulty.

10. GCF LearnFree

GCF LearnFree is a free website that provides access to many photoshop lessons. It also has a quiz system to test your skills. So as you are learning, you will also be testing your skills as well.

Well, these are the best website where you can learn Photoshop without spending money.