10 Best New Android Launchers in 2021

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Launchers are one of the things that beautify the Android operating system. You can use them for customization and many other things. This explains why we have so many of them on the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, there are ones among them that are popular like Nova Launcher, and Apex Launcher. These two launchers can transform your device into something good to behold. However, they are already popular, so many people have them on their phones. So why don’t you try something different? In this, we will be listing the best and New Android Launchers you should try out this year.


1. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is not a new launcher, but the latest one that brings in a new interface. The app provides an Ambient theme feature that automatically changes the theme color to match your wallpaper anytime you change it.
It also features adaptive icons, app sorting, widgets, and more.


2. Ratio

The ratio is a new launcher that divides your device home screen into three different sections which include Widgets, Tiles, and Hello. The Widgets show your Widgers, the tiles show tiles of apps while the Hello display messages. The launcher is still new, so you should be among the first people to download it.

3. U Launcher Lite

This is the lightweight version of the popular launcher app – U Launcher. The app is light in the sense that it requires just 15MB of space on your phone. It features 3D themes, Live Wallpapers, Private Launcher, App locker, Android optimizer, and many more.

4. AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher is one of the old launchers that receive an update. This new update brings in lots of widgets to your Android home screen. You can choose to place weather widgets, frequently used apps widgets, contacts widgets on your device home screen. It also has a paid version that offers unique features such as telegram messages, and Twitter tweets.

5. ZENIT Launcher

ZENIT Launcher is a nice Android launcher that will transform your Android device home screen into iOS. It features widgets in vertically scrolling format and you can also change the default home screen. The launcher offers a vertical scrolling home page that looks like an app drawer on iPhone.

6. Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher is a new launcher that has all the features of most launchers available on the Google Play Store. It has multiple modes – Dark and Light with plenty of drawer background, transition effects, etc. The interesting part is that you can customize the folder color and the dock background color.


7. Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher is a nice launcher that comes with a clean and minimalistic UI. The launcher also has its Notification preview feature which lets users read incoming messages from the home screen. You can also swipe right from the screen to see full notifications. It also allows users to hide apps and make favorite apps appear on the home screen.


8. Lawnchair

Lawnchair is another new launcher you can install from Google Play Store. The launcher has lots of Pixel features such as Google Now Integration, icon packs, variable icon size, etc. You can customize the feature like the themes, icons, home widgets, dock, etc.

9. Before Launcher

Before Launcher is a lightweight launcher for low-end Android phones. The launcher will give users a minimalistic experience. It helps users to focus on a particular task by eliminating the app’s notification.

10. (CPL) Customized Pixel Launcher

If you are looking for a nice and customizable launcher, then this CPL launcher is for you. This is another version of the native Pixel launcher on Google Pixel phones. It features multiple grid options, various scrolling effects, animations, adjustable icon sizes, and many more.

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